We Care Family Services and Child Visitation - Helping families maintain a healthy and safe interaction
WE CARE currently offer Professional Supervised Child Visitation Monitoring.  Monitored visits take place off-site and at a safe location agreed upon by the parents/caretakers and WE CARE staff.
What is Supervised Visitation?
Supervised visitation is the contact between a non-custodial parent and one or more children in the presence of a neutral third party. The role of the third-party, or monitor, is to record the events of the visit, to ensure the safety of all parties.
Our Goal
Every child needs the positive influence of both parents in their lives.  WE CARE's focus is to ensure the children feel safe, to provide affordable services, to monitor with neutrality and excellence, and to record with accuracy. 
Our Motto
Helping Families maintain a safe and healthy interaction, because WE CARE.
We value the safety of children and believe it is our duty to offer a private service of integrity, ethics and professionalism.
Begin the Process
To begin using the services of WE CARE, both parents must contact our office and schedule an intake before services can begin. Both parents are asked to bring the following information to the intake interview:
  • Drivers License or Valid Identification Card
  • Copy of the Court Order or Temporary Custody Orders
  • Copy of the Protective Order (if applicable)
  • A recent picture of the Child
  • A recent picture of the Parents (custodial and non-custodial)
We Care reserves the right to end the visit if the supervised parent violates any court order or We Care policies during the visit. If families do not comply with the terms and conditions, We Care reserves the right to terminate services.
WE CARE has reasonable rates!
Call today!  (562) 353-8973 or email wecare@wecarefscv.com


Trustline Registry is a data base of Professional Monitors and Child Care Providers, who have cleared criminal background checks.


We Care Family Services and Child Visitation